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Prophetess Bridget Love

Bridget, meaning resolute strength of God, is a Prophetess of the Lord called to confront and dispel the erroneous spirit of this religious age. A trumpet of the Lord sounding forth with power and authority presenting an un-compromised gospel,

What Type of Light Giver Are You [Audio]

Apostle Bill and Prophetess Nancy Click

Bill & Nancy Click live in the southwestern Ohio area and are ordained as Apostle and Prophet with Christian International Ministries Network, founded by Dr. Bill Hamon, author of "Prophets and Personal Prophecy" and several other books on Prophetic and Apostolic ministry and the restoration of the Church.

Does God Judge His Children? [PDF]
What is Apostolic Ministry? Part 1 [PDF]
What is Apostolic Ministry? Part 2 [PDF]

Prophetess Darla Kruse

Meet Darla Kruse-- wife of Steve, mother of Travis and Trishelle, radical believer and lovesick handmaiden of Christ. Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, Darla began her journey to the heart of God at the age of 12 when she gave her life to Jesus Christ.
Woman Get a Revelation [Audio]
Woman Get a Revelation [PDF]
Dominion vs. Domination [PDF]


Prophetess Candi MacAlpine

Candi has been in the potters house for over 31 years, either on the wheel, in the oven, or on the shelf.
The Armour of God - 1 [Audio]
The Armour of God - 2


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