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Sword of Fire, Armour of Light

Principles of Faith - Continue


•  The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and as so it is the only authoritative word of God to man, it is infallible.


•  The Bible is without error and is the ultimate authority in determining truth and the will of God.


•  The Bible is complete and contains all the principles of truth needed in matters of faith and conduct to attain the completion of divine purpose.


•  There is one God, eternally existent as three persons, Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit.


•  God is the creator of all things, visible and invisible, and has total sovereignty over all He has made.


•  The human race is fallen from the original standard of the image of God and is irretrievably lost in a sinful condition.


•  Every human being is required by God to have personal faith in Christ, who is the only source of eternal life. His death on the Cross is the only transaction through which man can be redeemed.


•  The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is an experience at, or subsequent to, being born again of the Spirit. It is accompanied with the sign of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and prophecy, as the initial and physical evidence of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


•  The Holy Ghost resident within every believer enables the producing of the fruit of the character of Christ.


•  The Holy Ghost provides guidance, teaching and leading into all truth in accordance with the principles of the Word of God.


•  The Holy Ghost provides gifts and graces to enable every believer, and the Church as a whole, to fulfill the purpose of God.


•  The Church is made up of all persons believing in Christ, who are joined together into one spiritual body making up a spiritual nation for God.


•  The eternal God-ordained purpose of the Church is to reign with Christ forever.


•  From soon after the time of the book of the Acts of the Apostles, the Church began to enter into religious tradition, mental idolatry and apostasy. Eventually, despite much advance, the Church lost much Biblical truth, or else understood and implemented truth in a corrupt way.


•  The Church is on a journey to restoration and discovery of all truth, and it is being built up in understanding and ability as well as in numbers.


•  God has ordained apostles and prophets whose principal task is to receive divine wisdom and revelation of Biblical truth, proclaim it to the whole Church, and build the Church in accordance with what has been revealed.


•  The end of the journey is the Church achieving perfection, being conformed to the character of Christ, the personal return of Christ and the attaining of immortality.


•  To this end, God is building a new human race in Christ, with renewed understanding and motivation, free from the corruptions of the present age.


•  The recovery of truth and the building of the character and power of the Church are opposed by invisible principalities and powers working from both outside and inside the Church.


•  These principalities and powers have to be resisted and overcome.


•  A major part of the strategy of the enemy is to work within the Church through establishment of dead religious tradition, invasion of corrupt values, and the counterfeiting of true ministry.


•  Christ will not return until the journey is completed, the Church made ready, and all His enemies defeated.


•  The Church is prophetically mandated in the Word of God to impact the nations of the earth with the rule and principles of the Kingdom of God .


•  The Church is required to cooperate with God in the management and accomplishment of His purpose. This cooperation is not passive, but involves taking initiatives as God allows and directs in the progress of the Kingdom.


•  The Kingdom of God advances through a more and more complete proclamation of the revealed Word of God; the receiving of that Word in the hearts of men, and the activation of that Word into more effective accurate lifestyle and precise strategic purpose.


•  Believers in Christ are required to absolutely separate themselves from wrong worldly values and principles; they are required to penetrate and prevail in the systems of the world in order to fulfill their God-given purpose and influence the world to submit to the Kingdom of God .


•  The Church has God appointed leadership, both the five headship positions (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) and elders, who are given the ability to lead and be exemplary in lifestyle, through which he directs and leads the Church in accordance with Biblical principles.


•  The Church is responsible for policing itself independent of the political State.


•  Local Kingdom communities are to be autonomous and self-governing, yet, connected by the fourfold purpose of man assigned by God; fellowship, character, dominion and fruitfulness, and the primary source of life for God's people.


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