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Prophetess Debra Westbrook

When I think of Rivers of Eden, I remember Genesis 2: 10 how a “river went out of Eden to water the garden” and then parted into four heads. Prophetically, this number, four, denotes God's government of men and affairs upon the earth:


Looking to the Scriptures, Israel encamped in the form of a square. We also see how the tabernacle rested in the center with three tribes on each of the four sides indicating God's governing power and care over the nation of Israel .


In the book of The Apocalypse, Revelation 21: 16 the eternal city, which is to be the abode of the Saints, is a city four-square, because there God alone is the Lord, and there will be no other ruler. (See the Dictionary of Bible Types)


We are living in a present hour of transfer, of change, and of transition in the heavenly realm concerning the government of man.

Upon the earth, representing the Kingdom of God , there are new voices emerging: apostolic and prophetic voices that herald the judgment and decree the Laws of God.

Rivers of Eden 's Prophets, Marvin & Debra Westbrook, echo the sounds many of us hear emanating from heaven. Rivers of Eden is that Governing Prophetic tone that is exhorting and imploring the Body to prepare to be fitted for the garments as The Bride of Christ.

Sword of Fire, Armour of Light is honored to share this ministry platform with Prophets Marvin and Debra Westbrook of Rivers of Eden Ministries. I encourage you to listen actively and participate with Prophetess Debra as The Holy Ghost moves through these messages.

There is an anointing to preach new things in this season. Prophetess Debra delivers strong prophetic messages which communicate the Sovereign Will of The Almighty God.

This is the season of new voices, new messages, and new means of articulating the heart, mind, and will of The One True God who is Sovereign over all.

Sword of Fire invites you to visit the website of Rivers of Eden Ministries as often as possible.

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Prophets Marvin & Debra Westbrook

Rivers of Eden

P.O. Box 13962

Arlington, Texas 76094



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